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Do not miss fish feeding sessions organized at 15:00 everyday in Istanbul Akvaryum, the biggest thematic aquarium of the World. It is possible for you to watch this excellent show, during which our expert aquarists feed the most interesting living creatures of our aquarium, from main acrylic at West Atlantic space. We look forward to seeing you at Istanbul Akvaryum, if you want to witness how Istanbul Akvaryum eat their meals by following fish feeding session which starts at 15:00 everyday upon the invitation announcement is made within the aquarium.

Feeding of nurse sharks, guitar sharks, rays, groupers and other small sharks hosted in the main tank, at 11:00, a.m., every day, except for Monday, in front of Panama Tunnel.

Feeding of caiman crocodiles hosted in the Rain Forest, at 4:00 p.m., on every Saturday.

Feeding of sand tiger sharks hosted in the main tank, at 02:30 p.m., every Wednesday and Sunday, in front of West Atlantic main panel.