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Is there an age limit to participate in the course?

Yes, 14 years old.


When should be the medical report obtained?

It may be obtained after the course is started. Any medical report stating "No disability for Scuba-Diving Sport" is sufficient.


If I have a medical problem after starting the course, what will happen?

When the medical problem is proven with medical report, the cost shall be refunded.


When will we start diving?

At least 2 days should be spent to receive a certificate. Dates are set according to the requests of the attendants. Sea diving activities shall be performed in South and Marmara Regions (Saros, Canakkale, Gokceada, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris or Kas). Closest diving activities are one-day diving activities in Yassiada and Sivriada regions of Istanbul. At least two of the diving activities shall be performed in Aquarium out of the MAIN TANK (one-day). Those who complete 4 divings will be able to dive in the Main Tank of Istanbul Akvaryum with sharks.


Should I buy diver costume or diving equipment?

No, all equipment is included in the price and will be provided to you.


I have no time, I'd like to get a private lesson.

You can take private lesson when the price is increased 100%.


Can I get a private lesson with my friends?

Yes, we open private lessons for groups of 6 or more.