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Diving activities in Istanbul Akvaryum, the biggest thematic aquarium all over the world, have been started.

If you also want to have the Atlantic experience in Istanbul and come face to face with the sharks or give this unique experience as a gift to your loved ones, all you need to do is to make a reservation by telephone number 444 97 44 or online from dalis@istanbulakvaryum.com

The diving activities in the Akvaryum, which started with Deniz Akkaya, are organized by the expert teams. More than twenty different species of sharks live in the main diving tank. The ones, who want to swim with the sharks, each living in different regions of the world, in the same water and observe them at the same time, can enjoy this experience only by making a reservation.

Anybody, who is 14 years old or more, has no health disorders constituting an impediment for diving may attend in this joyful experience.

After the dives, the attendees will be awarded by ‘Istanbul Akvaryum Diving Certificates’ issued on their names. This certificate is just a certificate of attendance, and has no formal validity.

Diving program is composed of the following stages:

  • 30-minutes of theoretical briefing (Providing information about breathing through the regulator, ear equalization, how to use diving fins properly, basic underwater diving signs, species of the living things in our main tank)
  • 15-minutes of dressing
  • 30-minutes of diving (Taking the divers into the water in guidance with the diving instructors and starting of the diving)
  • 15-minutes for getting out of the water and leaving the diving equipments For the divers, who have not dived for a long time; the following skills will be reminded for 5 mn. In the water, after they are taken into the water and before diving starts.
  • Proper Breathing Through the Regulator
  • Ear Equalization
  • Buoyancy Check
  • Basic Diving Signs


Diving Rules

The divers are required to be present at Istanbul Akvaryum on the reservation date and hour and get the confirmation of their reservations from the booking desk.

Written approval from the family is mandatory for the divers younger than the age of 18 and identity card is required to be shown for the age verification.

All the diving equipments, required for diving is being provided by us, and no other equipments are accepted under any circumstances.

Diving attendees are required to sign the diving registration form before the dive; in order to declare that they do not have any obstacles to diving.

Diving attendees should follow the standard diving program. Diving with sharks have been done according to a specific route, determined by the diving team of Istanbul Akvaryum, and any kinds of actions such as; performing the dive by leaving the diving instructors, attempting to touch or touching the living creatures in the aquarium, feeding, following the living creatures, blocking their ways are strictly prohibited. In the contrary case, Istanbul Akvaryum has the right to stop the diving activity.

The diving attendee should not make a plane ride 24 hours prior and after the dive.

The diving attendees are recommended to have items such as the followings with them;
  • Swimwear,
  • Towel,
  • Slippers,
  • USB memory stick (Videos taken during diving are delivered after diving.)
  • Shampoo and shower gel. In case of absence of these items, each of them, except the swimwear and USB memory stick, can be provided from Istanbul Akvaryum.
Reservation and Rates

Diving rate per person is 450TL. Videotaken underwater is including and delivered to youby USB memory stick

Diving reservation : For weekly day minimum 2 days ago - For weekend until Thursday at 12:00 am

Diving reservations can be made by telephone number 444 97 44 or online from dalis@istanbulakvaryum.com.

The fees for the reservations, should be paid at the very latest 2 days prior to the dive to the bank account of Istanbul Akvaryum.

Cancellation of the Diving
  1. In case that the diver cannot succeed diving due to causes related to him-self and because that he fails to fulfill the competencies under water, the fee would be non-refundable.
  2. In case of cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the dive, the fee would be non-refundable.
  3. In case of any violation of the diving rules by the diver, the diving session would be cancelled and the fee would be non-refundable.